On paper most Landscape and Grounds Maintenance companies appear to be the same-offering the
same services and somewhat competitive pricing.  We all cut grass, weed beds, trim shrubs and
trees and promise to keep lawns green and healthy during the summer months.  So price often
appears to be the only differentiating factor.

However, despite apparent similarities, not all Landscape and Grounds Maintenance companies are
created equal. The results achieved, and service levels provided between contractors varies widely.
Driving through any professionally serviced residential or commercial area provides plenty of
evidence-some sites look great, others significantly less so, and behind the scenes some customers
are happy others are not.

The grounds care industry is an unregulated trade. That means there's no requirement for
compulsory training or formal education, and professional association membership is no guarantee
an individual contractor knows what they're doing.  The reality is anyone with a few pieces of
equipment, and a means to transport them can call themselves a Landscape or Grounds Care
company and undertake to build or maintain sites costing many thousands of dollars. There are also
few guarantees.

Avoiding the pitfalls

To get the quality and service levels anticipated it's essential to closely examine not only the
proposals and prices received, but the contractors behind them.

In the Grounds Care Industry a low price doesn't necessarily equate to good value. The damage
inflicted by an incompetent or uncaring contractor can last many years, or result in the deformity and
possible loss of costly plant material.

Similarly, during winter months unsafe conditions or a delay in service that results in employees,
customers, or suppliers being unable to safely access a property can have equally costly
consequences. These, and similar situations can quickly wipe out perceived cost savings, and are
not uncommon experiences.

Personally, we believe clients need to thoroughly research potential contractors, and ignore price
until that's done. Discard any proposal that doesn't meet expectation regardless of price, and select
your contractor from those remaining.  We believe clients should look to establish longer term
relationships with their Grounds Maintenance Contractor. Much of the work done involves working
with natural elements, within seasonal restraints. Instant results are not always possible, and great
results can take time to achieve, particularly if there are budget limitations. Over time much can be
accomplished even with short pockets. However, the key to this is continuity, and the ability to
pursue a mutual vision over time.

Conversely, if a site has been well maintained previously, deterioration may take time to become
evident. A negligent contractor can successfully coast at lower cost on the efforts of those preceding
them for a season or two before neglect becomes obviously evident. This may result in turn around,
or material replacement costs at a later date. Be thorough in your analysis and you will get results
you want, and avoid time consuming aggravation later.

Some facts about HERITAGE LAWN & LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT for you to consider:

*We are a 100% locally owned business.  We are completely independent and are not part of any    
national/regional chain or franchise.

*Years of experience, and the fact we're still in business in a highly competitive industry with an        
above average failure rates is a quick indicator we know what were doing, and what it takes to        
satisfy a clients needs, and expectations.

*Our business is focused. We're first and foremost Grounds Maintenance Contractors specializing    
in residential and commercial properties. Our employees are experienced, properly trained for the    
work they do, and all crews are properly supervised.

*Integrity, we shoot you straight.  We will not over-promise what we can deliver in terms of results     
on your lawn.  We firmly understand that long-term business partnerships cannot begin with just      
"selling" you today.  We want your business for the long haul.  We will never just tell you what you   
want to hear just to get the sale - we will tell you the truth even if it costs us the sale.

*Our service and quality standards are high. We act immediately to address any deficiencies in         
workmanship, or service that may arise.

*Our equipment portfolio is efficient, highly productive, and designed for the range of sites we           
maintain. It allows us to pay more attention to detail than many competitors.

*We are proactive and bring concerns to the attention of our clients, as well as suggestions for         
improving site appearance, safety, and functionality.

*In summary, with us you will get a local business, dedicated to all aspects of quality in both              
maintenance performance and customer service, and you get the best price.  Our objective is to      
make your decision easy.  We sincerely hope to have the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to review our information.
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